Why Choose the DPE Doctoral Programme ?

This honorary Doctor of Professional Entrepreneurship (DPE) under the specific scheme of Affirmation of Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) with the American British Graduate University, USA.

The awarding panel will consider in conferring this highest award of professional knowledge Doctorate of Entrepreneurship to the candidates when they have met all the necessary requirements of the university. The awarding panel will be carried out the necessary Oral Examinations and Assessments via the Assessors and Verifiers, who have confirmed of candidate’s eligibility and the creditability for this specific award of Doctor of Professional Entrepreneur degree, which is a highest professional knowledge award. The awarding panel will be taking into all the academic achievements and hands-on work experience, skills and extra curricula activities in all the fields, which candidates have exposed up in their life and we are as the University to give the priority for hands-on experiences and prior learning, which candidates have gained. Candidate must have chronologically noted down the significant achievements in the format of Work Based Dissertation (WBD) which is accepted by the University. This has enabled us to confer this highest honor to the candidates under the special scheme of Affirmation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL).